Zoo Time

MrIkea and I went to the zoo. I was so excited I kept waking up the morning of, long before my alarm was due to chime, with Mystery Jets on repeat in my head. I'd been waiting 6 months for our zoo visit, so any anticipation had only been building.
Zoo time, zoo time, zoo time, zoo time.
A train, a ferry and a bus later, we were in the animal kingdom.
Deer, dholes, goats and gorillas. Elephants and meerkats, mice and fairy penguins. A solid five hours of me exclaiming with glee about most of the animals, a refreshed 'oh look!' at each new enclosure.

I also had the realisation that perhaps any maternal instinct I was meant to possess has been transferred. If it's a human baby, I don't much care. Show me a baby with fur, of the animal kind, and I'll squeal like a clucky thirty something desperate for my own. I don't even care that it is weird.
Zoo time, fun time.