Tune Tuesday

It's nice to find those rare gems of musical talent. There's plenty of good stuff out there, but surely none as amazing as Boy & Bear. The act I was most keen to see at Homebake last week, and definitely the favourites on my list at the moment. The type of band that look so wholesome and cuddly on stage, you just want to listen to their songs and then give them a massive hug and tell them how beautiful they are. It's a nice little 'degrees of separation' type of scenario too, with MrIkea attending school with members, and meeting another at a church function where I was clearly blind to the incredible talent.

They've got a sound like Fleet Foxes blended with a glorious church choir, and they're all 'let's swap instruments and have a go at something else' kind of talented. Not to mention they took out Triple J's Unearthed competition last month

See their Myspace and their Facebook for more delightful listening. You most certainly will not be sorry.