Turns out I am an absolute sucker for a romantic story. There was a slight issue with the tickets booked for the journey home from the country, and MrIkea and I were assigned separated seats. He ended up sitting next to the sweetest elderly lady, who turned out to be the grandmother of my neighbours. I love those 'small world' moments. He did better with his seating partner - I had a middle aged man who was lamenting his choice of meat pie, and sucked the contents of his sauce container into his mouth in one go. Charming.
We all got talking about life and such, and Mrs Fraser got talking about her late husband and his being a prisoner of war in Changi. Apparently she waited for more than 3 years for him, not knowing if he was alive - and then one day there was a radio announcement and she heard his voice, him telling her 'when I get my arms around you again, I'm never going to let you go'. After that, when he eventually did come home, they were married for more than 60 years. Man alive. I was tearing up. Probably the best story I've ever heard on a train.

Megan McKean1 Comment