I think I might have outgrown festivals. That, or my 'so laid back it's almost apathetic' approach to the whole shebang has just changed my ideas of them a little bit. Homebake celebrated it's 15th birthday this year. Considering I would have been a toddler when the original was kicking on in Byron all those years ago, I can hardly say I'm an expert on the festival. Last year was my first, and this year was possibly my last... I realised after seeing all of the bands I wanted to by 2pm that maybe my tastes and Homebake's are not so compatible after all.

It wasn't that I was having a bad time, I just didn't really feel like it was for me. If it weren't for spending a cool hundred on the tickets months in advance, I'm fairly sure I would have skipped out of the well secured gates a whole lot sooner than I did.
I don't think I was the only one feeling indifferent. There was minimal drunken behaviour, I wasn't propositioned, offered recreational substances or asked if I sold them, and I didn't even have to fight for my position to watch the stages. While I don't think the GFC has anything to do with it, it's as though something happened this year that made everyone more calm about the whole day. While I was feeling a little worn out, I don't think that would have been everyones explanation for such quietened behaviour.
On the upside, I did see Lisa Mitchell, the boys from Yves Klein Blue, Sugar Army, Boy & Bear all skulking about the grass, and later on ran into Gyton Grantley at a local train station.

I was also able to be visually reminded that short shorts should never be an option unless you're genetically blessed, and tattoos tend to look tacky if they're cartoon angels on the ankle, or Aslan on the upper arm. Sunscreen was provided and I got to experience a bevy of creative talents in the one location - I guess it can't all be bad!
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