With a Bang

It would appear I'm very impressionable. Mainly when I'm due for a haircut. My 6 week rule somewhere blurred into an 8-10 week leniency, but lately it's just been non existent. I haven't chopped the locks since back in August, and it's affecting my moods. It's bad when you get cranky just because your hair doesn't do as it's told.

I somehow tell myself that because I have fair skin, blue eyes, and dark hair, I am basically Zooey Deschanel. Rational Megan knows this is nonsense, but 'in need of a haircut Megan' is delusional. All I can think of is how much I would look like her if I re-introduced my fringe. I know that it's just a state of mind, so I try to stay away from imagery that will make me do insane things.Then I accidentally watched Gilmore Girls. Damn Rory with her similar colouring and fringed hair.

Now there's just no helping it. Someone told me I looked like Katy Perry once. Maybe now's the time to embrace it. Hopefully without looking like a tramp.
The bangs are coming back.