There's No Place Like Here

Trips home are delightful. Perhaps it panders a little too much to my attention seeking side - my visits being few and far between results in quite a spate of 'hey hey megan, did I tell you about the time...' types of stories from family. Lovely people and sunshine filled cafes, it was all quite grand.
Brother Ben had pimped my bicycle for me - it's now rocking a charming shade of powder blue, complete with white sparrows painted on the frame, and white walls. Yes, I'm quite sure I am Xzibit.
I took Mr Ikea on bike rides around town - educating the city folk on the ways of the country is what I do best.

It was overcast weather, which meant the freshly bloomed jacaranda trees were all the more brilliant. I spent most of the time at home with my neck tilted so I could see all the trees. I don't know what it is about it, there's just something about all the suburban greenery and scenery that warms my heart a little.

I also managed to nab a cute black and white floral dress for $3 from my favourite Presbyterian op shop. Complete with giant shoulder pads and a high collared lace neckline, it's in need of some revamping. Holiday projects, hurrah! I'm convinced the local op shops are holding out on me - I'm returning home again soon, and plan to pillage them good and proper.

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