China Town.

I finally made it to a Sydney show. When I first moved to old Sydney town in February, my plans for live music viewing were grand. In my first month of living here, I saw three shows - and they were awesome. Sometime over Winter a lull happened. Coupled with my perpetual state of 'no-money', my gig participation came to a stand still.
Tonight, finally, we're back in business.

Frankie readers might be familiar, a delightful band featuring in the creative collaboration article in Issue 32. The Good China, Melbourne folk who play sweet indie pop. Playing at a local venue for a cool ten dollars, I was convinced I was meant to be there.
They. Were. Amazing. Slightly Architecture in Helsinki meets Year 8 Music Class - yes, there were recorders, maracas and xylophones. I'd like to have the confidence to call them the next big thing, but I have no idea how these things work. All I know is that I enjoyed them immensely and I think I'd like to invest in a blow-keyboard...
There's something endearing about 8 people who give off a Breakfast Club vibe, seeming to have come about by accident but working together so magnificently. Like all of the leftover kids from your high school who had no real set group, but were still just so charming and huggable, suddenly formed a super group of super talent. So talented that they all switch instruments too. 

My own musical ability reaching to a a 0.5 on the scale of skill (I own a harmonica, after all), I'm generally easily impressed. These guys though, were rad. I think they might even be giving 4 Bonjours Parties a run for their money in my book of favourites.

  The Good China. Not just for special occasions.