I finally made it through a field trip without being roused on, another goal I can probably cross of my list. Galleries and I don't mix all that well, but todays excursion was built for rowdy students like myself. I didn't get told off for taking photos, I wasn't asked to lower my voice, and I wasn't subjected to a bag search to ensure I wasn't taking any of the displays home with me.
There were a myriad of children running rampant, and I'd inadvertently dressed myself like a preschooler that morning (there's something about rainbow tartan that screams infant when viewed in the cold light of day - although, I also had someone ask if they could have a picnic on my stomach. While this seemed poetic at the time, he was mostly referencing the fact that the plaid print was reminiscent of picnic blankets. Cheers, Dave). I'm guessing that these all tended to be more of a help than the usual hinderance.
Whatever it was, it was nice to leave an artistic establishment without feeling immense shame.
Maybe just a little jealousy that my tutor is jetting off to Prague for 'work' of some description and kept slipping it into discussion.

Design kids, for the most part, are something special.
They'll tell you that listening to Magical Mystery Tour makes them feel warm inside, discuss at length their favourite thing about using a fish eye lens, and laugh at jokes about posters typeset in Comic Sans. Definitely a special breed. And instead of describing a sea horse with words related, they'll tell you "You know, those sea dinosaurs..."
How can you not love that?

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