Here's Looking at You

'The sweet brunette with the quirky dresses - I love your style.
I'm the one with the skinny tie. Talk to me in class next time if you're keen.'
- Not Tied Down, Design

I don't even care if it wasn't intended for me. It's close enough, so I'm claiming it. Brown hair and dress wearing is all you need to distinguish. I'm sold.

You know it's been a good year when you can tick off all the things you set out to achieve.
Even the recommendations, passing comments that weren't necessarily imperatives seemed to have accidentally happened.
'Make friends with those in your course, they're the one's you'll be working with until the wee hours of the morning on that assessment'.
Check. I seriously love my fellow students.
'If you're going to date someone, date someone outside your discipline'.
Check. A good find, if ever I've found one.

My other personal goals, whilst not exactly along the path to self improvement or other targets often encouraged in personal to-do lists, have perhaps been accomplished.
Number one, I've made it into the 'Here's Looking at You' section. Win.