Future's so Bright that I Gotta Wear Shades

Summer seems to creep up, then all of a sudden retreat.
Yesterday was definitely on the 'sweltering' side of things, so I was mentally preparing for the implications this has on me and other fair skinned folk. Waking this morning, the sky was overcast and drizzly. I just can't keep up.

The wrinkles are coming. I blame university mostly - staring at the computer screen or minute details is starting to implant itself in-between my eyebrows. I don't want to be known as a perpetual frowner, but I think that my consciousness of the issue might lead to entertainment for others. Trying to keep a blank face, squint or frown free, leaves me looking like a botched botox victim -it's hard to pick the lesser of two evils.
Earlier in the year I asked a friend what part of his body he would have plastic surgery on if he had to have work done: "I think I'd just get my eyebrows raised, like, really high, so that I'd just be walking around looking surprised all the time and people would be trying to work out what I was so excited or surprised about..."
Perhaps there's merit in this idea.

Hand in hand with the concentration wrinkles are sun wrinkles - squinting against the rays are another terror. Each time I do it, I can feel the creases.
I thought it best to buy some sunglasses.
I ventured to the markets in a break yesterday, my penchant for breaking things meaning I wanted to spend a minimal amount on a new pair of sunglasses. The last ones that I nabbed for $2 from an op-shop suffered under the weight of a friends rear end, and were unwearable since then.
I found a sunglasses stall, the man being very friendly from the outset -I was clearly one of his few customers for the day.
"All the ten dollar sunglasses, you can get two for fifteen. It's been kinda slow today. And I like you."
It's hard to walk away from that kind of bargain. As I continued browsing, he bargained even more. I didn't even have to try.
"You know what, you can just get two pairs for ten dollars. How about that? Buy one get one free. Yeah."
I only found one pair.
He gave them to me for a fiver.