Bit of a Stretch

Nothing says 'let's limber up' like Officeworks photocopiers.
Despite my shame at yet another post stemming from Officeworks and the goings on there, today's performance was stunning.
A middle aged gentleman, leaning towards the 50+ bracket was chattering to himself about the photocopy machines, telling the lady next to him that the music they play in store really makes his copy experience all the more fun.
She expressed a polite level of interest, clearly more focused on her hundred or so copies of whatever she was creating. I like to imagine everyone is there making zines to distribute in their own circles on varying topics. Realistically, it was probably a flyer for a school fete or something.

As I was daydreaming about what everyone else was doing there, the moustached music man suddenly started doing push ups against the wall. Then stretched his ham strings. Then pressed up against the wall with his arms towards the ceiling, looking like a ritual he'd practiced a thousand times before - perfectly executed in the realm of stationery.
I was amazed.
Why should we waste time standing idle while the machine copies our papers?
I admire his time management skills, for sure. The minute he saved in stretching his muscles in such a bizarre venue will undoubtedly be well spent at a later time.
Maybe he'll run laps of the aisles at the super market.