And then.

I've always been thankful to live so close to Officeworks. While I often lament the amount of hours I spend there getting printing, photocopying, binding and other services done, I'm still glad that it's not hours spent somewhere else less convenient to get the same results.
Yeah, I love it.

On Monday, I was thankful that I wasn't the very angry woman who was yelling abuse at staff for not manning the registers more efficient.
I was also pretty excited to see a bird in the store. I think this is the equivalent of kids getting thrills out of seeing a dog in the schoolyard. There's something entertaining about creatures in their unnatural environments.

Yesterday, I was mostly just thankful I was there at the right time.
I had wandered to the big blue store for some printing, thinking the assignment I was working on was due in one more week.
I bumped into a fellow uni-goer, photocopying process work for the same assignment. I made various comments about us being ready so early, and just wanted to get it done and out of the way. General chit chat, nice nice. On the way out I asked if there was a lecture the following day.
"No, just the hand-in".
"Hand in for what?"
"The assignment. It's due at 10am."
"Wait, this one? When's it due?"
"Tomorrow. It's all due tomorrow"

I very nearly had a panic attack next to the nerd sticks. I knew that my hanging out with stationery would come in handy eventually, even though I cussed in my head all the way home (I owe Loukas' swear glass a good few dollars there). Hours of process work and refinements and printing and photocopying later, I had one assignment ready to go - albeit slightly on the dodgy side of things.
It was only worth 50% of the grade... I'm sure it's fine.

Speaking to Julie Baby, her reassuring words were "I'm sure it will be fine. They'll love it. The company will buy it and you'll make a million dollars. Then you can buy a house for you and I to live in. And MrIkea can live there too --- once you're married."
Cheers, Jules.