Storage Solutions Sorted

A recent trip to Ikea saw my storage solutions sorted.
Instead of having to skulk around the store hoping to bump into MrIkea, he took me along for some buying business.
I was in the market for some shelving of sorts, with uni-junk needing a home other than my bedroom floor. The good folk at Ikea managed to nab me a bargain and my storage problems were suddenly a thing of the past.
I feel sorry for girls that don't date an Ikea employee.

He was crafting the chest of drawers on my apartment floor while I got onto the miniature sized desk-top chest. I started with great enthusiasm, thinking it to be a 'Megan sized job', but by the time MrIkea has finished the entire chest of drawers, I was still working out why I couldn't get one piece to fit in with the other. I threw a slight hissy fit and ended up watching MrIkea finish it for me.

There was one more shelf to create, but it was late and I was wondering how far I could push the 'please make me a shelf' look before it got tired. With two purchases constructed and ready to go, I decided to leave it. Two out of three ain't bad.

I figured it would be easy enough to assemble myself, but I ended up struggling just to get the cling wrapped plastic off the frame. Eventually I got the unwrapping sorted - and an hour later had the pieces all together.
It's a good thing I watched Scrubs with such enthusiasm a few years back - the phrase "lefty loosey, righty tighty" was most beneficial.

I know that shelf building isn't all that thrilling for most - but it is very rare that I attempt to fix something and it ends up being in one piece.
No falling. No breaking. No shattered bones or windows or other fragile items.