Monkey See

I fell victim to style-biting today. Usually, I cite it as inspiration, appropriation, or something that generally doesn't assert blatant plagiarism. Today though, I really have no excuse.
It's not my fault she's ever so lovely and manages to get dressed of a morning and look something rather close to what I picture a fairy to be.
We've been friends for an eternity (or the equivalent 1 4 years), so I'm hoping my slight imitation will go over ok. It's allegedly the sincerest form of flattery, so I hear.
She turned up today wearing a dazzling headband. I think I looked at it more than I did at her. All powder pink and attention seeking, it was very nice. Over a quiet afternoon drink on my balcony watching the setting sun, I decided I could most definitely create a headband of equal amazement.
A few hours after she left, I got cutting and stitching.
The end result is really nothing like it.
It looks more like something a can-can dancer would wear, or something you'd loan your cousin for that 1920's themed party she's attending. It's nothing like a fairy would wear.
I guess some people are just better at embracing the magic than others.

Megan McKeanComment