Bound to be Good

Sales people, I love 'em.
The better of the bunch are the ones who are just so gosh darn nice that you find yourself almost excited for the next time you have to visit their place of business. It's all a scam, I know, but it works a treat.
I had to have some printing done this week, and chose a new print shop that had opened in the city. After a chat with Richard 'he's the man', I found out that business needs to be fifteen times what it had been for his fledgling company. If HSC Business Studies has taught me anything, it's that most small business's fail in their first year. Richard was incredibly helpful and cut me a deal, bargaining is always a nice throw-in. He did my prints, albeit at a slow rate, and I told him I'd recruit for him to boost his revenue a little bit. Somewhere along the way, the device I'd been printing from had suffered a bingle, broken at the hands (or perhaps the accidental foot kick) from one of his employees.
I'd never seen a man looked so crushed.
A dramatic hand to the head in a blow of defeat, a slow head shake and a "oh no Megan. I am so sorry".
I wasn't worried, and he reimbursed me accordingly. I was mostly just loving how passionate he was being about one USB. I'll go back there for sure - I might just be a little more selective in how I store my files before printing.

My latest favourite is a pony-tailed fellow at Officeworks - and I don't think I'm the only one who is most impressed with his customer service.
A man had travelled across the country to find a type of printer ink. He'd only come from about 20 minutes away, but he made it seem as though his in-store visit was worthy of reportage.
He threw a tantrum when he was quoted a different price on the product to what he was anticipating. Instead of asking for the ol' price match trick, he thought it might be better to yell out across the store:
"Chriiissss, he won't listen to me. The other store said they had the cartridges for 34.99, and he wants to charge me 41."
Chris, being the nice guy he is who really couldn't care less about the ink cartridges just looked at his colleague in disbelief. "Dude. Just match it."
Having a chat over some book binding - the way all good friendships form, I'm sure - he told me all about his finished degree, his love for working with people, and his 'to be completely honest' secret of wanting to work in pharmaceuticals.
Officeworks is pretty close, yeah...
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