Dear Shirley,
You rock my world. I don't like to think of our relationship as my being in ownership of you, but more of a 'together because it's just so right' kind of thing. And let's be honest here, we do look remarkably good together.
You're not without your flaws, sure, but neither am I. If you don't like going backwards, that's fine - I'm a forward thinker too. You're not great when we travel over hills, but, I'm not exactly the fittest of persons anyway.
When I first met you, I wasn't too keen on your name. It conjures images of 60 year old women in purple parachute tracksuits, blue rinse perms atop a overly made up, pink lipsticked face - with a penchant for aqua aerobics and power walking.
As I've gotten to know you though, I'm learning to be more open minded about what's in a name, and I can't think of anything else as appropriate for your fine self.
You're fit and you know it.
I hope we can continue to be very happy together.
Love, Megan xo