Nice Shot

Sales people are like a box of chocolates, you never know what one you're going to get. I liken it more to clinkers, in that you want to play the game in hopes you'll get a green one, but none of them are all that particularly appetizing.
I made a purchase today, of the camera variety, and had been sussing out venues to buy it from for a little while. I knew that one major retailer had them on some sort of super discount, so I pledged my allegiance to them and decided to trade off my pennies for a slick black Canon.
Earlier, I had chatted to a middle aged gentleman who was nice enough, telling me about the camera he uses, and letting me play with the assorted clicketyclicks in the cabinet. I told him I'd be back this week.
When I went back today I was eventually rescued by a tall thin man with brilliant blonde thinning hair, who looked a little like Gareth from Extras.
He was keen to assist, once we established exactly which camera I was talking about. Apparently giving the correct name is not enough, it's imperative to jab your finger at the glass to indicate exactly which model is the one you're after.
He didn't have to go the hard sell, my mind was already made up as to which I would be buying. He took the display model out for me anyway and took me on a guided tour, showing me the various functions and optional extras.
Done, sold, I'd like to take it home.
He enquired about my studies, asking if Visual Communication was kind of like interpretive dance. I told him that was one of my electives. He doesn't need to know that it has nothing to do with it at all.

Back to the camera discussion, he took me through a 'whats in the box' tour, indicating that wrist straps are most beneficial and that opting for black over silver is 'very sexy'. He then referred to my camera as 'my hot little baby'.
He suggested extending my warranty, which I declined.
He suggested again, for a lower price, which I accepted.
I asked him what else he could give me for a discounted price:
He replied
"My sweet sweet lovin'"

I decided I had bought enough extras for one day.
Where oh where do these sales people come from?