Do the Bad Thing

In the few years prior to my eighteenth birthday, I used to tell Julie Baby that she'd had a good run with me and my well-behaved nature for such a long time, that it was inevitable I was going to go off the rails when I turned eighteen.
I never did. There were occasional mischievous encounters, slight incidents of theft, cheeky antics and one or two things that she probably didn't need to know about - but all in all, I was still the golden child.
While I don't think I've crossed to the dark side in any way, the last week has been a bit more of a hint at my capabilities. Maybe by the time I make it to 30 I'll be feisty enough to do something dramatically daring and controversial.

I spoke crossly to a tutor. I very clearly criticized the ethics, time management and teaching style of the dean of my course. I substantiated claims with fancy words to hopefully dazzle them with my vocabulary - so they would forget that I was bagging them out completely and not fail my next assignment due. I was lauded as a slight hero the following day, given I had said what everyone else had been thinking.
Yeah, I'm all about doing it for the people.

Another gallery trip today, and I've well and truly resigned myself to the notion that we just don't click. It's not that I don't appreciate the work or care about the art, I just always manage to get into trouble.
I had checked with the guide about photography before I even pulled the camera out of my bag. She gave the ok, we set about on our merry way. It was spied by a different guide when upstairs, shouting across the room "Excuuuse me, is that a camera?? Are you taking photos?"
I explained Guide1 had given the all clear, which she seemed to accept. She walked casually away, and then a few seconds later a loud squawking was heard all through the gallery:
"Rina! There are students taking photographs!"
She had clearly forgotten to turn off the microphone.

I didn't feel conspicuous at all...
I was later approached by security, saying that photos would need to be deleted immediately.
Guide 1 told me that I had landed her in quite a bit of hot water with her boss.
I was feeling pretty good when I left there that afternoon.

I'd upload the photos I took, but, you know. I value my life.
Check out the gallery if you're dying to know all about Contemporary Chinese Art that has no qualms creating works such as beds made of phallic symbols and incredibly graphic 'monthly' photographs.

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