Cut, Paste.

I'm really digging learning at the moment. I don't know what it was that did it, perhaps my strong talking to that I gave myself, or perhaps the purchase of a natty little blue notebook to write my hopes and dreams (re. lecture notes), 'dear diary' style in. Whatever it is, SemesterTwo rocks.
I'd love to talk to you about typographic detailing if you're interested, or share with you my typo-puns.
Yeah, noone's really that interested.

I've decided that instead of whinging about studio classes that feel more like preschool, I'll embrace it. I'm hoping it will be infectious and contribute to an overall more enjoyable atmosphere. Cutting out black squares and pasting colour themed collages has never been more fun. Today I made a boy laugh so hard that he cried. And it wasn't even pun-related.
I found myself in the library during my break thinking about birds and felt and collage and creatures and feathers. And it counts as legitimate learning.
Probably doesn't get much better than that I reckon.