Work is not a dirty word

The recent ten-pin bowling excursion ruined me. Not just my self confidence and self belief, but also my back. I managed to well and truly throw my back out, evidence of how enthusiastic I was about getting that ball down the alley. Commenting on my pain to Julie Baby, I was anticipating a sympathetic response - most certainly not the 'hmm, shaggers back' I was given. I very nearly fell over in shock.
Heading on a walk with Brother Tom and Julie Baby, we were discussing back pain and such. Brother Tom had recently injured his own back doing What Jesus Would Do, in his carpentry job. Alluding to work and back pain, Julie Baby immediately thought we were discussing more lewd topics. 
"Don't talk like that please."
Brother Tom was a little unsure of what was happening. "Why? We all know what work is. There's nothing wrong with it, Mum".

I spent most of the weekend attached to a heated wheat pack and standing awkwardly trying to converse with the local favourites. Pun patrol was out in full force with inquiries into my injury. 'Back into it?' 'Is everything spine?' 'Just needed a little vertebreak from it all' 'Not at my back and call'. Then there are the abundance of songs that can be connected: 'Want you back', 'Backstreets Back', '...guess who's back', '...back in the days when I was a teenager', 'Back on the booze again'.

Back to back. Back it up. Back to the future. Back to black. Back in the game.
I never knew one injury could have such amazing possibilities.
Better get back to it.

Megan McKeanComment