What's the Story, Morning Glory.

I saw my first Sydney sunrise today. It was a little underwhelming.
Following a sociable evening, a 4am spa and a movie, I was actually feeling rather 'up and atom' come 7am and no sleep. Thinking that I had tapped some amazing hour that had not even existed until that moment, I set off on a walk, under the impression that I would most definitely witness incredible sights and experience a whole new world.
Turns out a lot of people have to be up at such an hour, I was not the only one awake and enjoying the morning. My brisk walk was full of car exhaust and traffic lights, cars filled with business folk heading in for their day at work. I didn't see any people doing yoga on their front lawns or embracing the morning with particular enthusiasm. I did message Julie Baby, just to have her conveniently think that I am not as much of a sleep-monster as I really am, that I do get up early during holidays to enjoy the day.
I sought out breakfast, hoping for some sort of freshly baked bread treat. The bakery wasn't open - apparently they're more 10am start kind of people. Feeling a little saddened, I tried the next bakery along. At least they were open. The man behind the counter seemed uncertain of what he was selling - possibly why I was stupid enough to buy a pastry with a cheese mixture on the inside, the freshness of which was rather questionable. I felt a little ill after that. 
I did see a man eating breakfast on his verandah, talking to his wife through the kitchen window while she ate her own breakfast. At least one half of the couple loves the great outdoors.
My ambition to accomplish great things in the day lasted about 30 minutes after breakfast. I did very little for the remainder of the day - some very comfortable resting, a couple of power naps and Antiques Roadshow. Quite the pleasant Wednesday really.

Megan McKeanComment