If you're looking for a way to lose all dignity in the space of 2 hours and still get change from a $20 note, I have the answer for you. A way that is thinly veiled as fun, but is mostly just an avenue for coordinated persons to feel good about themselves, and those with weak-girl arms and limited hand-eye coordination to make the aforementioned feel even better.
Hello, Ten Pin Bowling.
I was reluctant to go from the very beginning. I get uncomfortable in situations that are competitive and that I know I can't win. I hadn't even been bowling since I was in Year 7, and I know for a fact that my sporting prowess has not improved. I was a little scared.
Setting the pace nicely with a gutter ball for my first bowl, I was rewarded with the cast of Bowling09 waving spirit finger type movements in my direction while calling out in high pitched voices 'Gutter Ball'. Apparently it's not demeaning enough to be so terrible at a sport - you need the team to let you know just how terrible you are.
I was feeling ok, I knew from the outset that bowling wasn't exactly my calling in life. I started to feel a little saddened though when the 7 year old kids having a party in the lane nextdoor were all scoring higher than myself.

The final game, my final bowl. Somehow, some weird twist of fate, an obvious fluke with no skill attached, I managed to get a strike. I was pretty stoked and spun around to make sure it had been seen and duly noted.
It hadn't.
MrIkea was deep in conversation and was oblivious to my rare glimmer of hope as a league bowler. I was not very impressed.
I think this entitles me to one-free-nap next time I'm dragged along to sporting events that I have no interest in.
Megan McKeanComment