The Silent Killer

I do not cope well with awkward silences. It's generally my role to fill these silences, a task I do not find to be difficult when with the right people. Being with the right people eliminates awkward silences anyway - those silences are mostly just when we're eating or sleeping. Not awkward at all. I'm the chatty one, the kinda loud one, and the one with the most piercing laugh that people often ask if I am alright. I don't really know how to react in situations where it's not appropriate for me to tell stories of the last time I fell over or my latest cooking disaster.
Hanging out with Mr(Snr)andMrsIkea and GrandmaIkea was one of those times where I had little to say. I think I may have panicked MrIkea a little, he kept asking if I was ok, "I've never ever seen you this quiet".
The second day was a little more talkative, conversing about kids and teaching (two things I know nothing of) and Scripture classes with kids dressed as Michael Jackson. I have learnt not to make jokes about parents children, they are not well received. Don't try and be funny. Just be good and do it quietly.

We'd embarked on a road trip of sorts. One third of the party travelling on a journey with semi- amorous intentions, one third mostly just along for the ride - and my third along to embarrass myself in front of parents. I was relegated to the backseat for the majority of the trip, due to my short legs and unfussy nature. I find travelling with boys to be quite a good educational experience - after a few hours, stories start to seep out on all kinds of varying topics, each one better than the last and generally pertaining to something questionable that the person involved in is a little embarrassed about.
Hearing about 'that time when' made the 8 hours of travel time and further hours of self conscious silence all worthwhile.