Name Games

Name blanks are awkward. I generally ace the name-game. I could tell you most of my kindergarten class, the name of my mothers first boyfriend, and remind you of that girl you went somewhere with that one time many years ago that even you don't recall.
Today was a bit of a different story. I was discussing the 7 week holiday effect on the brain - apparently it had been so long for one girl that she couldn't quite recall the name of half of our class. All fifteen of us.
Until the last month of semester, I had confused one girls name. Rochelle, Michelle. Pretty sneaky if you don't hear the name properly. I avoided saying her name aloud just incase I stuffed it. I could always resort to 'Shell, or Shelly, but most unfortunately my fear of a potentially awkward situation has just seen me avoid the lovely girl almost entirely.

On the last day of last semester, I befriended two girls. They look similar, something I hadn't noticed at the time as they'd been separate when I'd been chatting. I'd talked about holiday plans, uni assessments and living arrangements, and was genuinely excited at the time. Nice girls, nice chats.
Today, Girl 1 came up to me to say hello. I couldn't remember which one she was or what she'd done for holidays. Polite questions of 'what did you do for your holidays?' I was hoping for replies specific to what our discussions previously had been.
She was as general as I was. I'm betting she couldn't really remember who I was either.
It was a very detached conversation.