Cow Tipping

Christmas in July. Not sure what makes it better or different to Christmas in December, but I thought that it was perhaps time to embrace the festive season, albeit 6 months too early. Regular readers would be well aware of my Grinchy nature when it comes to such celebrations, but I have since decided that I can learn to love it. Or at least tolerate it.
MrIkea had a work-related dinner party. This involved meeting many more Mr and Ms Ikea's, and doing my best to dazzle them with witty conversation. By witty conversation, I mean mostly sitting quietly, nodding at appropriate times and listening to jokes about Ikea products.
The hostess of the evening, an avid cow collector, was delighted to have an opportunity to show off her bovines. Until that evening, I was unaware that one cow made of ceramics could be worth so much money. They even had their own position under the Christmas tree. $3000 is a lot of money to spend on Daisy, let's be honest here.
I made it through the whole evening without any major blunders. I even expressed the right amount of interest in the DVD of the Ikea Grand Opening from 2004 - a great watch for young and old, check it out at your local Blockbuster.
3 hours, dinner, dessert, games of ping-pong and friendly chats, and no accidents. I conveniently chose the time when everyone was standing in the lounge room to perform for everyone.
I waited until we were saying goodbyes to kick one of the cows over.
Just a little kick with the foot, smacking the $1000 piece of porcelain in the head. The face of the hostess suggested it was most definitely time to go.
I don't think they sell those cows at Ikea.