I don't think I'll be able to get away with the adage "Winter is a state of mind" this year. Previous seasonal experience meant a few days a year that were colder than others, the worst being the days trapped outside when you had packed lunch in favour of the school jumper and had forgotten to wear stockings. Nothing that made your bones hurt or your kidneys feel like they were trying to claw their way from your body. Ice kidneys, it's a serious disease.

I had never been so cold I couldn't sleep until last night. I had also, until last night, never thought wearing a blanket as a coat was perfectly acceptable bedwear and would go greatly with the other trillion layers of warmth I had constructed on my mattress. The complimentary scratchy-blankets that live in the built ins of my residence are really getting a workout - the fact that they are moth eaten, rather old, and above all else, their namesake, they're scratchy... they're a common fixture for sleeping, napping, lounging and any other indoor activity nowadays.

Mr Dylan, the times. They are mostly certainly a-changing.
My winter wardrobe in years gone by consists of summer clothes teamed with stockings and a cardigan. I'm not really one for jeans or other pants, and jackets just dwarf my already short stature. Winter just makes me uncomfortable. Given my panic and very real fear that I may not survive 8am classes and runs to the station if I don't prepare myself a little, I went winter shopping.

I bought thermal underwear- not quite as cool as my neighbours Sesame Street inspired stripy thermals, but hopefully just as warm. Flannelette pyjamas, because apparently socks and a jumper is not warm enough nor coverage enough for winter nights. Super denier stockings. More stockings made of wool - they're so thick, they're basically knitted pants. I even looked at the hobo gloves (re. fingerless gloves that were huge amongst the ComputerKids of '06. Sassy, here's looking at you) and was nearly convinced they were fine for me to wear in public. I got them to the counter and realised I couldn't compromise my beliefs in exchange for warmer palms, but one more day of frozen fingers and I think I'll be there.

It's only two weeks into Winter. I'm a little bit scared.
Keep on dancing.