Save it.

I get protective of things I'm fond of. I try not to be big on stuff, I often fantasise about being able to fit all my worldly possessions into one box. Then I remember my collections of various things. I have one box just for letters from charming folk in years gone by. I could fit everything I own into one box, sure, it would just have to be the size of a small house I suppose.

Some things need caring for. My cameras need a shelf to rest on, my CD's need to be alphabetised, my pens need to be separated from my pencils and the keys always go on the key plate when you arrive home. These things are becoming more OCD than anything, but I can't help it.

There are things that I like very much. Cleanliness is one thing, and couple my clean-need with my other favourite things – and this is where the issues start.

When I bought my computer, I bought the white one. “Leon, I definitely will buy the white MacBook from you, the aluminium just feels to harsh and cold, and look how shiny and white this one is...” Yes. I actually did say that to the salesman. I'm quite sure he didn't care which one I bought, nor did he require my reasoning. Lucky him, he got the full story.

Despite washing my hands nearly every time I used the computer, in certain lights I can see a layer of grime on my keypad. I fear the wrath of the chemical solutions, and pair this with my household-accident-prone nature, I know it would result in tipping bleach into the workings of Mr Mac. Under the supervision of my equally clean-focussed neighbour, I tried to wipe it down with a damp cloth and water.

Unsatisfied, I talked to my friends at Ebay and ended up buying a protective skin for the keys. I had thought this would be invisible and amazing and highly protective. It arrived in the mail and is about as cheap and nasty as one could ever imagine. I was onboard for cheap (it had been six dollarrr from Hong Kong) but it's hardly a tactile treat. It makes typing difficult and rubbery, the return key says 'RETUTN' and some of the buttons don't line up entirely.

Despite this, I'm still having a go, for the greater good, I am sure.

The new addition though has seen me become a little lax, as though my computer is suddenly invincible merely through it's rubber vest. I realised as I was snacking on carrot and hommus dangerously close to my keypad that there is no way I would have been behaving in such a manner a mere few days ago. The silicon sheet has changed my life.

It's like a barrier for accident prone kids like me. Absolute genius.

Now I'm thinking of everything else I own and love that needs protection from me. My favourite coffee mug that has been given six weeks to live in a bet that I will break it before then, my mobile phone which has suffered multiple drops and beatings in the four years I've had it. MrIkea mentioned something about my accident proneness rubbing off on him. For Christmas, I'm thinking a silicon full body suit.


Keep on dancing.