Let's Be Frank.

I have a favourite magazine. I've subscribed for a couple of years now, and I still get excited when it arrives in the mail. The subscription makes things all the more fun - a nice surprise in my letterbox, and having paid for the issues upfront, it seems like a free treat, bi-monthly. It's great.

I decided a while back that there was something truly amazing about this magazine. It seemed to always be arriving at a time when things were less than fun. The day when I'd had a bit of car bingle, the end of an HSC exam that I'd been less than prepared for, and another time following a different car accident. It may seem as though I'm quite the accident haver, but it was more just chance that it arrived on those days, I assure you...
Moving locations meant a change to my postal address. Knowing that my magazine was sitting 3 hours away, wrapped in a plastic cover and waiting for me to read it made me feel a little antsy - so I thought it would be best to update.

The first issue to my new address arrived this week. It had been raining, a whole lot, and by the time I rescued my magazine from the cold and wet, it had suffered.
Sure, it's only a magazine, but to anyone who understands '30 issues, 30 things we love', it's still quite a sad state of affairs. I like to read it in one hit. Start at the very beginning (as Maria says it's a very good place to start), and work my way through. 
I attempted to dry it out. I'm not the most patient of people and couldn't wait for the time it would take for it to air dry.
I tried the hairdryer. I gave it a few spurts in the microwave. I would have ironed it, but the iron has gone AWOL. The hair straightener seemed like a genius idea at the time, straightening the pages as well as taking all the moisture out of the pages... but apparently it doesn't work quite like that.
It make loud crackling sounds and split the pages apart. I didn't even know paper could do that.
So, by this stage the magazine was looking a little worse for wear. I thought it best to retire it and wait for the pages to dry in their own time.

The suspense is killing me. 
Keep on dancing.
Megan McKeanComment