I think it's happening. The little issue of 'never wanting to be Design Kid' may be more cause for concern than I had thought. I vowed when I started my course that I wouldn't become like the teachers , the tutors, or the 4th years. They're just a little too intense for my liking.

I still enjoy using the ol' Clag and Bostik – I'm yet to switch to Artists Cement.

I don't own Copics and I still use the old fashioned scissors as opposed to the scalpels and blades.

Ball points and connector pens still get a work out, and shame on me, I sometimes draw onto copy paper. Nothing like a sheet of Reflex to say quality artistry.

However, there are other things that are slowly seeping into my vernacular. I discuss the kerning of signage and menu type when I'm at restaurants. If I'm not prompted to discuss it, it's likely I was already thinking about it – and how the main sign looks like it was straight out of the very groovy Brady Bunch Movie and is not appropriate for an Italian restaurant. I tell people they used a nice typeface there. I feel a little hurt if my teacher tells me what I've chosen is a little dull (when in fact I was going for clean, classic and appropriate to the setting). There was even one moment when a fellow student and I gave a hilarious scenario for a western themed showdown, with all the typeface being in Playbill. Oh dear.

Out for dinner last night, I was looking at the menu. Instead of selecting something to eat, I was thinking about how appropriate the colours of the menu were, and how much I'd rate the paper-stock used for printing. Discussing zines later with the friendly apartment folk and trying to explain the concept of DIY publishing, I realised that no-one really wants to hear it... but I'm concerned I might start speaking with such conviction that there'll be no turning back. It's like an all consuming disease. I can recognise it now, but who knows where it could lead.

MrIkea is only encouraging said illness, laughing at my home-made cookbook in Comic Sans, and asking my opinion on restaurant menus. Illustrations involving jokes such as 'I shot the Serif' are only making me think that this kind of funny is normal. The worst part? I love it. I really do find it hilarious. Having a partner in typographic crime is only going to turn me into some sort of Font Monster, I'm sure.

Tighten the reigns and assign me a muzzle please.

Otherwise I'll be that kid who gets Helvetica tattooed onto the arm.


Except mine will probably be Georgia.

You just might not notice unless you look at it with your typography eyes.

Keep on dancing.