The (Bed and) Breakfast Club

A recent stint at a Bed & Breakfast has made me slightly terrified.
Not terrified in the way Julie Baby was when she thought she heard a ghost dragging a body along the hallway, but more of a "ohmygoodness, I hope that's never me" kind of way.
Couples that look like each other scare me a little.
Family resemblance's are fine, at least when it's brother-and-sisterly you know it's due to shared genes. Partners should just not look like that though.

It was raining which meant courtyard dining was a no-no for breakfast. The inside table was large enough to accommodate all kinds of folk from all around the world who were travelling our fine country. The couple from Seattle, the family from Holland, the pair from Melbourne and other family from Tasmania. It was quite cosy. Most of them just wanted to talk about Uluru, Darwin and The Great Barrier Reef - and I all of a sudden felt all kinds of left out due to my lack of experience of such fine places. It feels unpatriotic to have never experienced these things that are rather significant to my homeland. Must put that on the to-do list.
Mr Seattle kept asking me where I studied and whether or not I liked Australia. I think he was under the impression I was lying about my heritage. No, not Irish. I'm just a little slow at this hour in the morning. I put a notable twang into my words after this, some sort of validation for being 'Striine', to convince him I was legitimate.

They all looked eerily similar though. The Holland crew were all decked out with their tanned skin, blue eyes and blonde wavy hair - and matching eco-friendly long sleeved shirts and cargo pants. The Washington kids in their red shirts and white vests, matching glasses and loud opinions. Even the Melbournites were looking a little matchy-matchy with their fresh faced goodness and layered knitwear in various shades of teal.
I was alarmed, and confused to how this happens. His and Her items should never extend into wardrobe. Or general appearance. Whatever happened to 'Opposites attract'?

MrIkea, I think you'll have to return that watch.

Keep on dancing.