Thank You Kind Stranger

“Public transport, seduction central”

Currently involved in a research task looking at Sydney's public transport, I'm thinking I can work this angle into the design needs somewhere. The MX is failing at the unions between lustful commuters – there's only so many brunettes on the 618 from Bondi that I can read about before becoming bored. Perhaps it's time to spice things up. I'm thinking singles carriages, that one can only board if they're on the hunt. You can only alight if you've agreed to 'Coffee?' from at least one desperate other. Similarly, a 'Clearly Not Interested Carriage' would also be available.

In all honesty, there's nothing romantic about city methods of travel. Sure, helping the environment is great, but the only way it can be seen as hot is from a global warming viewpoint. The question of 'so, where you headed' is about as tiresome as the 'so, you come here often' encountered in clubs. I'm all for friendly, there's just a fine line between kind stranger and strange sleazer. A distinction that must be made.

Kind strangers don't stare inappropriately or try and sit next to you.

Strange sleazers decide that the seat next to you is the best option, despite the empty seats surrounding.

Kind strangers ask polite questions and can make intelligent conversation.

Strange sleazers ask for your number and tell you about their cousins in prison.

The incident a few days ago involving the stranger sleazer has set the benchmark – and I think I'll be hard pressed to find another as strange or as sleazy as he.

The bus on the way home yesterday was slightly nicer.

MrIkea and myself were subjected to bus travel in all its Sunday afternoon glory. I had nabbed a seat, probably selfishly considering, but I'm hoping this won't affect the relationship, or leave thoughts of 'Megan the Selfish One'.

The man next to me shuffled for a while, then eventually asked how my day had been.

I was feeling chirpy – it had been a grand day after all, filled with visual treats such as men on top of bicycles precariously atop a pole, trees wrapped in kilometres of silk, and a zine fair which could only be likened to a comic book convention for the coolest kids you've ever wanted to know. I described the zine fair, and pulled the wares out of my bag to share with the gentleman. In turn, he described the festival he'd attended and the cultural delights one would find there.

He understood the difference between Visual Communication and Fine Arts, and told me about life drawing classes he was currently partaking in. He was also on his way to a christening where he was going to do caricatures of the children. I do hope someone was informed that this would be happening and he wasn't a surprise guest...

He was pretty cool, ending things with a handshake, brief name swap, and a wave from the outside of the bus. No number asking for. No suggestive suggestions. No inappropriate thigh touching. These are the ones we like.

Keep on dancing.