DIY Disasters

I used to be quite accident prone. I was always the kid at school who walked into things, impaled Peter Pointer in textiles classes on the sewing machines, split pant seams trying to leap fences, busted ribs trying to swing off various furniture items... you know how it is.
Since moving out of the family home, I thought I'd overcome this somewhat. Following my recent birthday, a friend commented on my lack-of-bungles for the past few months, “maybe it's just because you're not really a kid anymore, you know, you're growing up and growing out of it and stuff”.
Following this comment, I lasted less than a week.
I have a desk. It's pretty standard looking, with two drawers on one side. I thought it would be more beneficial to my learning needs if the drawers were on the opposite side. I consulted my contact, MrIkea and was informed that all I would require would be a screwdriver and some ambition.
I took the drawers off, no worries. The reattachment was somewhat more difficult, with forces of gravity working against me – apparently you should turn desks onto other angles for this kind of thing. Instead of waiting until I had some assistance on the matter (such as, at the very least, a witness or someone with a car to take me to hospital following DIY disasters) I thought it would be best to harness said ambition in all it's 'Saturday night, home alone and tiring of assessments' glory.
I cleared the desk and tried to flip it onto its back. The desk was heavier than anticipated, and I dropped it on my foot. Wondering how to remove my appendage from beneath a cumbersome desk, I thought it might be best to wriggle it free...
Long story short, I slipped, landed awkwardly and cut my knee – well, not so much a cut as a screw inserting itself beneath my skin.
And I broke the desk backboard.
And scratched the wall.
And here I was thinking I was cured...

Keep on dancing.