True Colours

There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you walk into a venue and feel horribly over or under dressed. The 'retro-dance' themed party had me so excited at being able to dress like an 80's throwback that I neglected to pay attention to the invitations information - such as party location.
I crafted a Cyndi Lauper meets early Madonna inspired outfit, cheekily entitled 'Material Girls just Wanna Have Fun' but was clearly so dazzled by my wit and pretend sewing ability that all other elements were forgotten. The other two party-goers I was attending with were clad with just as much enthusiasm - orange fluro, leotards, headbands and giant hair, we were most certainly a force to be reckoned with.
Arriving at the destination made us rethink our gusto. The local pub, brilliant.
Not a function room where all those dressed like Pretty in Pink extras could hide out, just a beer garden and bar - full of blue collar workers having a few schooners after work. 
Of course, others in attendance, including the birthday host, were not nearly as dressed-to-impress as we were - with the exception of the girl in a green body suit who was seemingly too intoxicated to notice what she was wearing anyway.
Walking in, you could almost hear the crickets chirping and see the tumbleweed rolling across the floor. I think it's safe to say that the pub does not cater to themed parties all that often.
We garnered some attention - mostly comments telling us to shake it, references to 'little ballerinas' and some sly grins. We were also treated to a sight I would like to never have to witness again - topless barmaids that are really quite past it is not what you want to see first thing after dinner on a weeknight. 
Bet her dad's super proud of her.

The best thing about the night was the amount of times we were asked if we were there for the retro party.
"No, no we're not. We don't even know that guy. We just dress like this every night and hope to get lucky one time by being here the same time as a theme party. Tonight's the jackpot, obviously."

Keep on dancing.