An Open Letter to IKEA

Excuse me, IKEA, but how ever did I survive without you?
My first time to your shiny store did not disappoint, I assure you.
I am impressed with just about every single service you offer.
I will most certainly be visiting your shores in the future.
By plane, bus, train or ship, we shall meet again.
Pretty sure you're the only homewares store in the world that offers Chicken Schnitzel a
nd Chips for $3.95 as part of the amazing experience that is IKEA.
Mixing bowl, baking dish, coffee mugs, gift wrap, a wall clock and various kitchen utensils - for a mere 20 Benjamins.
That time I had a bit of thing for Bunnings, let's just say you've well and truly replaced that particular mega-store.
The 'do it yourself' part, I'm on board for it. It makes me feel home-handy and inspired. The no plastic bags, good for the earth. Arrows on the floor, keeps me in line and on track.
If anyone is looking to date me I will be more than happy to go on a date with you to IKEA. Dinner and a show, on the cheap.
I'm very entertaining too, trust me, and childlike wonder at all the amazing things available for purchase never gets old. It's perfect for these tough economic times.
Credit Crunch? IKEA knows no such thing.
What's not to love about anything from Sweden?
ABBA, Peter Bjorn & John, Swedish massage, anyone named Sven, that university teacher who says 'Pictionaire' ... and IKEA.
Sweden, I love you.

Keep on dancing.