Picking Palettes for Hello, Australia!


Picking a colour palette for my new book was lots of fun, but oh my gosh, what a tall order! I typically love the challenge of finding the palette what works well together but also represents the places I’m illustrating. I was asked recently about how I go about selecting my palettes, and it was interesting trying to have to put my process into words. I generally choose a select few colours and then build the rest of the palette out from there. For example, for Hello, Sydney! the hero colour was the bright blue of the harbour, and the bright yellow of the sun and sand around the beaches, and the additional colours were chosen to work with those. 

Australia is so BIG, and varies so much... from snow fields in VIC to desert stretches in WA, to the amazing water and reefs off NSW and QLD. Finding the colours to cover a whole country was tricky, but I think we made it in the end! Hopefully you’ll be just as pleased with the results as I am — coming later this year in my new book ‘Hello, Australia!’. You can visit Booktopia to pre-order your copy in Australia, and visit the Book Depository to pre-order your copy if you're shopping from overseas.

Megan McKeanComment