Land of the Rainbow Gold Part 01

The Australia Silk Souvenir Scarf
The Australia Icon Gold Bangle

Part 01 of an all new, all-Australiana collection has just arrived to McKean Studio. I'm so pleased to introduce our range, 'Land of the Rainbow Gold'. I've spent the last few months working on this collection, concepting the pieces and thinking about what it is that I love about our home country so much. Fresh off the back of finishing  'Hello, Australia!' a lot of the places, animals, plants and gems were still rolling around in my head (but I couldn't fit everything into the book!).

I'm so amazed at how varied our Australian landscape is, and how different the ecosystems and endemic flora and fauna is between states and territories; from the cute Pink Robin who only lives in Tasmania, to the fact that over 90% of the world's opals come from Australia.
I wanted to create a range that was cohesive all together, but also varied within each item, much like the country itself! All of the items are a beautiful quality, and I hope they'll be souvenirs and keepsakes treasured for years to come.

The first part of the collection has landed today, I hope you'll like it! I'll share more here in the coming weeks about the process of making all the different pieces.

Megan McKeanComment