Land of the Rainbow Gold Inspiration


I wanted to share a few snippets of inspiration and work in progress from our latest collection, Land of the Rainbow Gold. After spending so much time writing and researching my book (Hello, Australia!, published this October) I was struck by how rich in colour our whole country is. The much loved Dorothea Mackellar poem 'My Country' is often the inspiration for many design/art projects in Australia, but the focus always feels to be more on the 'sunburnt country' component of the poem; of the terror and dangers and wildness that Australian landscapes conjures. 
I've taken a lot of inspiration from the poem myself, such as the collection name, fascinated by our 'opal-hearted country' and how many references to colour there are in the poem. 

I love our Aussie mammals and marsupials, and earlier in the year visited some in person (all in the name of research!). A furred and feathered friends are so unusual and striking, I thought they deserved some more time in the spotlight. I really wanted to create a range of Australiana that was as unique as our country, with a fresh approach to what is typically kitschy or a little naff. As with all of our pieces at McKean Studio, we strive to create souvenirs that are contemporary for now, but timeless for the future, so you'll have them forever! Our silk scarves, or gold bangles, or gift-boxed playing cards from the first drop of the collection are all intended to be loved for a lifetime. Perfect for gifting, sending overseas, or wearing yourself to show your love for Australia.

I hope you'll love the new range — Land of the Rainbow Gold. Part 01/02 has arrived now.

Megan McKeanComment