Introducing Hello, Australia! by Megan McKean


Introducing my new book - and an early cover peek - 'Hello, Australia!'. It feels like just yesterday that I got the advance copy for my first book Hello, Sydney! in the mail from my publisher, when I picked it up from my local post office and ripped the package open on the side of the highway because I couldn't wait to walk back to the studio, and the third time around the publishing block is still every bit as exciting. This time though, I was not only sent an English advance of my new book, but also a copy in Chinese! All 3 of my books will soon be available in Chinese language versions, and it's very fun to see my work in another language (even if I can't interpret a lick of it).

So much work goes into making a book; from writing and researching the manuscript and the multiple edits of the manuscript, to colour palette picking, sketching and concepting each of the illustrations, finalising the artwork, planning the book design, type setting the text, picking a foil for the cover, checking that it's all going to work well together... phew! It's a LOT of work. Holding a copy of the printed book for the first time is such a rewarding feeling; the culmination of months of hard work in one lovely printed package. Nothing feels as real as seeing your book with your name on it! I'm so proud of this new book, and can't wait for October to roll around so I can share it with you properly!

It's still a little while until the book is officially published and for sale in Australia, but pre-orders are available from Booktopia in Australia and the Book Depository for anyone shopping from overseas. 

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