Collection Process; Souvenir Scarves


Creating the scarves for our new collection Land of the Rainbow Gold was such a long process, but seeing them all finished and printed makes all the hard work all worthwhile! Developing a colour palette further on from the Hello, Australia! book palette, I chose colours that echoed the Australian landscape, worked well together, but were also strong enough individually to represent each state and territory in the base colour.
Each illustrated element in the souvenir scarves started out as a small, spot illustration in black ink. I refined the illustration, scanned it into and then got to work laying out the components into the square scarf template. Working with flora and fauna found in each state led to varied compositions for each scarf design; every scarf design is unique! 
The layouts are also varied according to the size of the state — the WA scarf is more sparse to represent the outback and desert, whereas the TAS scarf is more heavily filled with lots of greenery to indicate the forest that cover the tiny state. All of these little details are what takes me so long when I'm doing the work, but what I hope sets them apart amongst other souvenirs available in Australia. Seeing the collection begin to come together was such a rewarding experience, and I hope you'll love the new pieces too!

Megan McKeanComment