Hello, Melbourne! Sold out Edition

I received some very exciting news from my publishers last week; the first print edition of Hello, Melbourne! has SOLD OUT! In just 6 weeks from publication the entire edition has been sold, and snapped up by book stores and customers around Australia & NZ. It's so exciting (and completely mind-boggling!) to think of so many families, kids and passionate Melburnians picking my book for their collections, or gifting to loved ones here and overseas. Thank you for such a huge showing of support for my work! Countless hours go into making a book, between writing, researching, sketching, editing, illustrating, colouring, designing, typesetting, proofing and printing — working on Hello, Melbourne! was truly a labour of love and it's the best response I (and my publishers at Thames & Hudson) can hope for, to have it sell out so quickly!

A second print edition is already underway, but won't be available until early January. This means that if you're hoping to snag a copy of Hello, Melbourne! for Christmas or the school holidays, you'll have to get in quick-sticks! We have some copies available online and will be selling our remaining stock at The Big Design Market in Melbourne. Copies of Hello, Sydney! will also be available.
If you're wanting a copy of either of my books and not wanting to buy online, it's a great opportunity to support your local bookstore, or gift store. Christmas is a really important time to be mindful of where you're spending, with so many small businesses relying on the Christmas period to get them through the quieter months of the year. Thanks as always for supporting what we do at McKean Studio!

Megan McKeanComment