Hello, Melbourne! Book Launch


Last week we celebrated the release of 'Hello, Melbourne!' with a special launch party in McKean Studio HQ. Our tiny studio can pack a punch when it's all dressed up, so it was lovely to mark such a milestone in the same space where the book was created! 
Joshua and I spent 3 days before building the balloon installation (a project not for the impatient, faint hearted, or those with poor balloon tying skills) and a whole afternoon hanging it from the ceiling with the help of our friend Nat. After all the effort it took to get it rigged up, it seems only right that the studio is going to stay looking like a party for as long as the balloons will stay up!


Like all good parties, I was too busy chatting and drinking Prosecco to remember to take any photos during the night! Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with me and buy a copy of the book. I promise once you've read 'Hello, Melbourne!' you'll forget all about the classic Sydney/Melbourne city rivalry and just love Melbourne all the more!
If you weren't able to celebrate with us in person, you can shop online anytime and get your own copy of 'Hello, Melbourne!'. 


Shop the book and the new Melbourne collection online here. If you're in Melbourne, we'll also be at The Finders Keepers Market this October 20th — 22nd with lots of copies of the book, and would love to see you there!

Megan McKeanComment