Happy Birthday, McKean Studio! We're 3!


It only feels like a couple of months ago that I was writing out a post to mark our 2nd birthday... but here we are, and it's time to notch up a post for our third! It's been another wild and wonderful year with lots of lessons learned (not always fun, but always important) and lots of amazing experiences that we're so grateful we've been able to be part of. And here we are! We're three! 

The publication of my book 'Hello, Sydney!' was far and away the highlight of the last year, holding the first copy was such a surreal feeling, spotting it in book stores around Australia has been amazing, and hearing stories from kids and families about how much they enjoy reading the book has been incredible. I've also been working hard on a new project this year, which I'll be able to share more about in a couple of weeks. ;) 

We've added more products to the McKean Studio store (new cities in the City Bangle range, a new scarf, lots of pins and fun pieces to celebrate the release of Hello, Sydney!, even a Melbourne Mini City just a few weeks ago!) and continued to try our new materials for new creations. The Gem Sets and City Scenes were two fun items we designed and created this year, sending lots of pieces off to new homes. Coming into this new year for us though, we're going to take a big step back from some of these pieces to focus on some new directions. We're conscious of doing things as environmentally friendly as possible at McKean Studio, and the production of some of our pieces doesn't fit with our goals moving forward. From here, the Gem Sets, City Scenes, and City Domes are discontinued and we won't be revisiting them. They've been so much fun to work on, and we've sent out so many pieces to happy new homes, but we're cutting back on our plastic use and streamlining some of our ranges for heading into the end of the year. 

I love getting to work with friends on collaborations, my most recent being some pieces we did for Daisy's Milkbar. A specially designed Cherry Pie mirror to hang in the cafe, a cherry pie 'Slice of Heaven' t-shirt and some cute pie and cherry pins!

We've been so fortunate to fit in a good amount of travel this year, both around Sydney, Australia and overseas. A quick trip to Japan, a visit to New York, Palm Springs for Modernism Week, a weekend on the Gold Coast and multiple trips to Melbourne. Any excuse to get on a plane to see somewhere new, I'm there! Writing about our travels for Expedia is always so much fun, and we shared a few articles; our Tokyo guide and Pink NYC are my favourites!

Phew! And that's not even all of it! We're gearing up for a HUGE second half of 2017 with lots of events and projects happening later this year. Thank you for supporting McKean Studio this past year, we're so grateful for all of our customers, friends and fans that make the work we do possible.

Take a stroll down our birthday memory lane! Check out Last year's birthday post, and the year before.

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