The Art of Dinosaur Designs Exhibition


For all of the travel we've been fortunate enough to do around the world, we've gotten pretty lazy when it comes to exploring our own backyard. We're trying to make an extra effort to see more of the amazing things on offer around Sydney and slowly change that!


A recent trip to Hazelhurst Regional Gallery to see the colourful exhibition from Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy 'The Art of Dinosaur Designs'. Longtime fans of Olsen & Ormandy's creative processes and their successful business together, I was so excited to see their large scale works in the flesh. With more than 40 pieces in the exhibition, (and their 30 year creative partnership) it was so interesting to see pieces beyond the usual platters and bangles I've become used to seeing in-store at Dinosaur Designs boutiques.


For Sydney friends, the show runs at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre until May 14, 2017.
Such a fun morning, and a beautiful space. Head over to the Hazelhurst Gallery website for more information.

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