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2017 in review

2017 in review


I swear there's been something in the water this year, making time move at a much more rapid pace than normal?! I can't believe it's the end of 2017 — and taking a flip back through some of our photos of events and projects from this year leaves me scratching my head on how we fit everything in!

2017 started off quite bumpy on a personal front, so juggling some big issues with family alongside big projects kicking off for the year was a challenge to say the least. With exciting developments happening on the work front, I signed a new book deal in Melbourne in January, signing on for 'Hello, Melbourne!' and getting to work straight away! 
We skipped on over to the USA in February, for a vacation and some meetings in NYC, and then the most fun work trip of all time for Modernism Week in Palm Springs. It was such a thrill to see our pieces in stores and events around Palm Springs, as well as meet so many mid-century fans passionate about Palm Springs like we are.

A fun creation for Daisy's Milkbar in the form of a giant cherry pie mirror lead to teaming up further for the 'Slice of Heaven' tees and cherry pie enamel pins. Turning your local cafe owners into lifelong friends is something I highly recommend, it's the most fun when you get to work on projects like these together! 

We ticked over 3 years of McKean Studio in July, a business birthday worth celebrating! I wrote last year about the struggle of retail, and I know most small businesses have experienced the strain again this year — and we're no exception. Running a small business is tough at the best of times, so to be able to continue doing what we love and make a living from it is something I'm incredibly thankful for. 2017 also marked the year I left the comfort of my part-time job to go full time in McKean Studio (probably the craziest thing to have done in this current retail/economic climate... but hey, you only live once, right?) and I've definitely not been short of things to do! 

The second half of the year has been all about MELBOURNE. Working on Hello, Melbourne! was such a joy, and I've learned so much about my second favourite Australian city... ;) I felt that 2016 was a year long love letter to Sydney, and looking back on this year, 2017 has been Melbourne's time to shine. Creating a new range of pieces around the release of Hello, Melbourne! was lots of fun, and to have it be so enthusiastically received by Melburnians is the best thing we can ever hope for! The news of Hello, Melbourne! selling out the edition in less than 6 weeks is a major 'pinch me' moment, and thinking about the book being enjoyed in so many homes around Australia is so humbling and blows me away every time I think about it.

A final release for 2017 in the form of our new Mini City for Palm Springs, one last release to celebrate the city that's embraced these two little Australians who are obsessed with their town. Just in time for Christmas, and ready for Modernism Week 2018 next February. This year has seen new bangles (Palm Springs, Los Angeles and Melbourne), new scarves, new pins and keyrings, and the release of Hello, Melbourne!... phew! It's been a big year. Somehow this year we also fit in 6 trips to Melbourne for book research (and fun!), 6 big market events between NSW and VIC with Finders Keepers and The Big Design Market, a book launch for Hello, Melbourne! and more!

Adding in some more client work and commissions was so much fun, my favourite commissioned project this year being the design and illustration for the SS17 season of The Finders Keepers! After shopping at, and being involved in The Finders Keepers since moving to Sydney in 2009, it was a real honour to create the design for their 10th anniversary celebrations. Seeing your work in print is always a thrill, but to see it on flyers/postcards/banners/tickets and more made it really special. 

We're ending 2017 healthier and happier than we were a year ago, and excited for what 2018 will bring. We'll be back next year with more projects and ideas and lots of travel inspiration. Thank you for following along with us and supporting the work that we do. There's no possibility of overstating how important our audience is to our business, we really could not do it without you. From our Instagram and Facebook friends, to customers who visit us in person at events, to the kind emails you take the time to write, and the customers who shop online and then recommend to their friends or family; THANK YOU. It's such a privilege to create for a living, thank you for making it possible.

xx Megan & Joshua

Megan McKean at the NGV

Megan McKean at the NGV

McKean Studio at Sydney Finders Keepers

McKean Studio at Sydney Finders Keepers