June Snapshots

I always get into a bit of a panic around June; coming to the end of the financial year, lots of new things on the horizon, and lots of work happening. I'm constantly working on downtime on the weekends though, which I'm slowly but surely getting better at. Here's some of the happenings from June!

+ New prints added to the store. Brand new letterpress editions of some of our classic 'Love' designs. Sydney Love, Melbourne Love and Australia Love, now all back in rotation in letterpress, printed in a beautiful chalky blue. You can shop the range in our store!
+ A little bit of time out to check out Vivid! We managed to pick the weekend with the worst weather, so it was only a very quick whip around the city before we got rained out. Those lit up sails of the Opera House are always my favourite piece.
+ Prepping for The Finders Keepers market in Melbourne this month. Too much to do, not enough time in the day!
+ Our article for Expedia on Hobart in the winter time has been a popular one. Lovely to read so many comments about people planning their own trips to Tassie! Pop over to the Expedia blog and have a read if you haven't done so already.
+ Making Mini Cities, always working away. The Swiss Miss is back in stock online now, as well as the Empire State. Both these sets have taken a little hiatus, but are ready to roll again!
+ Weekends at our lovely little Hydrangea House. This has been quite helpful for my switching off (especially as there is no wi-fi connection there!) and just enjoying the weekend, my family, and getting some gardening done. 
+ Brand new Zurich bangle, added to the city bangle family.
+ A lovely little feature in Frankie Magazine this issue, with our Sydney Mini City getting it's self onto the pages.
+ Zurich dreaming... I love looking through holiday photos when we have a new product launching, remembering what inspired the details that go into every piece. Saying hi to these swans was a highlight of our trip to Switzerland!