McKean Studio HQ: Studio Makeover!

It's just ticked over a year since we moved out of the apartment dining room and into our little studio in Sydney's inner west. It's been a big and busy year with lots of new projects being taken on and new products designed for McKean Studio, and we've found ourselves spending more and more time working in the studio. We're finally getting better at separating work and home, although there are still a few evenings spent packaging badges or glueing Mini Cities while we watch Netflix on the couch! 

Over the past year we've found our projects getting more and more varied, which means the days we're working in the studio can range from illustration that needs a lot of empty desk space for big sheets of paper, computer work that needs a tablet attached to the monitor with lots of different cables, messy painting of products that needs a space that can be easily cleaned, or packing orders that needs tape, scissors, paper etc all in the one area. I'm never a good worker in times of mess (mess is stress, to my organised brain!) so I was finding I was spending too much time tidying!  We've also had a shift in terms of the markets we partake in, and are planning on taking on a few more events during this year. Despite our product line being all quite small pieces, we've outgrown our hatchback car for transporting things to markets, and will need to move to hiring a van to fit everything in for each event. 

With all of these changes in mind, I thought it would be a great idea to have custom built furniture that would work in the studio to house all of our product, and also be transportable for market events. This was also one of those times where I'm thankful I married an industrial designer, who is able to create real pieces based on my chicken scratching sketches! After a lot of back and forth on what we needed long term, and what was achievable in the short term, we finalised the design, Joshua made some model mock-ups, and then got to building! It's makeover time!

Joshua built 4 double door cabinets from timber and pegboard, and 2 open-backed free standing units to use as a divider screen next to our desks. Our studio space opens onto street level, which means we get quite a few looky-loos sticking their head in for a sticky-beak. We wanted something that could provide a little bit of privacy while we're working but still look polished and presentable!  The clever design of these will make the front of our stand during market events, making little counters! The 4 other cabinets with doors are also on wheels, making them easy to move around as needed, and adaptable to each different space. We repurposed some of the timber offcuts to make wall shelves, trying to make better use of our tall ceiling and display some of our work in a nicer way. 

It's only been a few days of having the new cabinets in place, but I'm already feeling more productive - and it's SO TIDY I could just about cry from happiness. You can see our what our studio looked like before our makeover, as well as what it looked like when I signed the lease (hint: scary!) in this Before & After post.

What do you think of the new space? Pretty schmick, right?