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Souvenir Scarf Restocks

We've just done a bit of a restock of our Souvenir Scarves, bringing back the previously sold out Paris scarf! The Paris Silk Souvenir Scarf is in the online store now.

The Paris scarf was one of the most painstaking to work on, with over 25 hours of work going into it (albeit a couple of years ago now)! The most accurate map recreation from all of the range of Souvenir Scarves, Paris features all of the landmarks you'd expect to see (the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre...) and with tiny trees and terrace houses all around. 

Shop the Paris Souvenir Scarf.

Tokyo City Bangles New to McKean Studio

Tokyo City Bangles New to McKean Studio

McKean Studio in Palm Springs