July Snapshots

How's your new Financial Year starting out? Our first month was big and busy, but somewhat under control! We travelled to Melbourne for half a week at The Finders Keepers market, got some new products out and about and worked on some exciting new projects that are still under wraps for now. Here's a peek at what else we did, in pictures!

 photo instagramsnapshots_july15_mckeanstudio_zpsoc1jvy9d.jpg

+ We became an aunty and uncle! My brother Tom and his wife Amy welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world at the end of June. We were so happy to meet little Lyla!
+  I got glasses! Officially part of the spectacle wearing gang. I've worn out the peepers from working too hard, on too many tiny things! 
+ New projects in the works, picking the perfect coral for a new bangle.
+ A visit to the newest grocer on the block, in Petersham. They've converted an old theatre/roller rink into a beautiful grocer, deli and restaurant.
+ Hotdog and Watermelon Collectible Pins! We'd been wanting to make these for months and months, and finally bit the bullet and had them produced. They're so much fun!
+ We spent a few days in Melbourne for the winter edition of The Finders Keepers market. It was so nice to visit a new city, stay in a fancy hotel (I'll never get sick of hotel robes and slippers!) and meet some of our customers.
+ My 'Australia Love' illustration popping up on BioCups around Australia. Loved the wintery blues of this image, shared by a happy caffeine addict on Instagram.
+ A new illustration on the table for a letterpress project - the bright lights of Vegas!