Mirror Wall Hangings! New to McKean Studio!

 photo mckeanstudio_mirror_cactus_icecream_watermelon.JPG_zpsti6zqaim.jpg

Last month I worked on these fun little wall hangings, in anticipation of my first niece's arrival. I wanted to make her something fun, and then couldn't decide what to choose, and then decided that they were too cute to only make for the baby - so they're here now for everyone to have!
I use them in the studio (gotta check my teeth are lipstick free before I go for coffee!) and they've already been sent out to places as far as Spain & Singapore!

So far the range includes a Watermelon, a Cactus and an Ice Cream.

 photo mckeanstudio_mirror_watermelon.JPG_zps5yolqglc.jpg photo mckeanstudio_mirror_cactus_zpsuma7km8u.jpg photo mckeanstudio_mirror_icecream.JPG_zpspevoaxry.jpg

They're lots of fun to either hang on the wall (each wall hanging has a small hole at the top for easy display) or prop against other things in the home. They're a sturdy mirror acrylic front with a walnut wood backing. 

 photo mckeanstudio_mirror_hangings.JPG_zps7nshjqxk.jpg
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