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June Snapshots

After making such a great effort with the blogging around here during May, I must have fallen off the wagon during June. Whoops! Here's a snippet of what we did during June, and I'll get back to my resolve to work on more posts for July! 

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+ A tidy studio space, ready to start the day
+ NEW packaging for NEW products in our signature Pink Navy and Gold. I'll never get tired of that gold foil stamping on the lids!
+ New products - our mirror wall hanging decorations! So much fun! I'll get to work on a proper post to introduce these to McKean Studio
+ Friend dates in the inner west. One of our friends had a floristry pop-up shop over the June long weekend, so it was lovely to go along and support her (and come home with some beautiful bunches of flowers!)
+ The Mad Men finale left me thinking about it for days after. I realised that Joshua and I have been together for as long as we've been watching Mad Men (over 6 years!) so to have it finished for good is kind of sad! I like to think that Don took a change for a slower paced lifestyle in California... maybe even in Palm Springs!
+ I'm getting more and more enjoyment out of our little apartment lately. Since we moved to the studio and have a nice home/work separation I'm enjoying making the home part more 'home-ly'! We finally bit the bullet a few weeks ago and bought a dining table for our space. It seemed like the right time, and we entertained 3 times in the week we bought it! In the last month we've hosted a breakfast, a lunch, and two dinner parties in our home for friends and family. I never really thought we were the 'hosting' type but I'm starting to quite like it! (And there's no drive home at the end of the evening after a few glasses of wine...)
+ Rainy days and golden leaves, my walks to the studio of a morning have been cold but beautiful! 
+ Our Melbourne City Bangles finally made it back to the store! 
+ A bakery has opened near our studio, and it's quite hard to resist when it's SO close. I caved on Friday and bought a cupcake to get me through the last bit of work for the afternoon! A dangerous precedent, I'm already solemnly swearing to only visit once a week!

Happy Birthday, McKean Studio!

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